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As human beings we are bound by our wounds and the wounds of those that came before us, ancestors, collective, etc. They often cause us to relinquish our innate sovereignty - the knowing that we belong to ourselves and have the ultimate authority over ourselves.

Sovereignty is one of the biggest kept secrets. It's not something that we are magically granted or have to seek out. It's in the remembering that we are sovereign that we remember and activate our individual and collective power.

Through the process of healing and remembering we shed the layers of muck around us. 

We become able to respond to life around us rather than reacting. In the responding we find peace and neutrality.

This neutrality allows us to get to a place of living more symbiotically with life and the earth. We flow into a natural rhythm of growing, being nourished and nourishing others.  

Awakening isn't just a miraculous enlightenment. It's about self-mastery, connection, and community.  

This is why we have created Illuminated Warrior. 

It's a place to be held and nurtured in the process of deeper understanding and awakening. Held not only in community but also by the energies of the Expansion Principle. 

What is Illuminated Warrior?

Illuminated Warrior is a 12-month growth and expansion program that utilizes four main pillars to bring you to a great understanding of yourself and the way you move in the world. These understandings will help to bring you to a greater sense of peace.

Are you desiring continual support, connection & community? 

Are you ready to create a foundation to grow & blossom? 

Illuminated Warrior may be the right fit for you.

Inside Illuminated Warrior, You'll Receive

  • Monthly content modules

  • Quarterly focus on each pillar

  • Monthly Zoom connection call

  • Accountability Pod

  • Weekly connection prompt

  • Monthly Expansion Principle healing livestream

Quarterly Focuses

Each quarter, we'll focus on one "pillar" of the program. 

Pillar 1) Illuminate

This Includes the Expansion Principle “Illumination Process” which is part ancestral and collective resonance clearing and part DNA activation. Illumination is a process of putting into place a specialized energetic blueprint for the structure and stability of your energy. It goes beyond DNA activation to create a holographic scaffolding that it unique to you. The Illumination Process is the middle ground between receiving a single EP transmission and becoming attuned to the Expansion Principle energies. You receive a constant energetic healing that comes with attunements, without the ability to transmit the Expansion energy to others. 

Pillar 2) Activate

Tuning in to your values, who you are and how you show up in the world. During this pillar we will explore what Warriorship has meant across time and across cultures, ultimately allowing you to uncover what it means for you. Warriorship in daily life shows up as the courage to stand for what you believe in and the ability to follow through with action. It also shows up as feeling even more activated and clear on your mission and purpose. Our main goals in life are that of connection, community and of service. The Way of the Warrior isn't about becoming or achieve, it's the discovery of the NOW, this present moment.

Pillar 3) Flow

Being a human being on this planet Earth involves cycles. Many of us are incredibly resistant to change because of its connection with the unknown. However, the only constant is change. During this pillar we will learn about the many cycles that are available for us to tune into. You will have the opportunity to create a daily ritual to anchor your mornings and evenings. You will tune in to how your body and emotions flow through a month cycle, learning when you best need rest and when you are most supported in being active. We'll then flow into a seasonal understanding of planning our life based on seasonal energy. By doing so we are able to create a foundation that supports us regardless of what is occuring in our internal or external world.

Pillar 4) Relationships 

We are built for connection, for relationship. In this Pillar we will feel into how we are currently showing up in relationships and how we desire to. This includes our relationship with ourselves, the earth, cosmos, and each other. We will dive deep into understanding of the energetic dynamics of relationships and how to make adjustments to deepen connection and communication.

You'll receive all of this for just 12 payments of $111.

1:1 Upgraded Enrollment available for only $444

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Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to Illuminated Warrior!

  • 02


    • Getting Started

    • Program Links

  • 03

    Pillar 1 Illuminate Month 1

    • Remembering WHO you are

    • True Self Meditation

    • Rose Quartz Singing Bowl Meditation

  • 04

    Pillar 1 Illuminate Month 2

    • Clearing Ancestral and Collective Resonance

  • 05

    Pillar 2 Warriorship Month 1

    • The Warrior Within

  • 06

    Pillar 2 Warriorship Month 2

    • Eastern Warriorship

    • Western Warriorship

  • 07

    Pillar 2 Warriorship Month 3

    • The Peaceful Warrior

  • 08

    Pillar 3 Cycles Month 1

    • Daily Cycles

    • Working with the Sun

  • 09

    Pillar 3 Cycles Month 2

    • Monthly Cycles

    • Working with the Moon

  • 10

    Pillar 3 Cycles Month 3

    • Longer Cycles and Working with the Seasons

  • 11

    Pillar 4 Relationships Month 1

    • Relationship with your Human Self

    • Relationship with your Soul

  • 12

    Pillar 4 Relationships Month 2

    • Relationship with others

  • 13

    Pillar 4 Relationships Month 3

    • Relationship with the Earth and the Cosmos


It's easy to say this will change your life. As cliche as it is, it's true. These are some of the ways how Illuminated Warrior and the Illumination Process will benefit you.

  • DNA activation

  • Access to more of your unique talents and abilities that are lying dormant

  • Increased overall health and vitality

  • Greater connection to nature and the world around you

  • Greater connection to yourself

  • Continual healing on deep levels including ancestral lines, past lives and parallel experiences

  • Greater sense of peace and calm

  • Increased sense of purpose

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Meet Dr. Alexis Edwards

Your Mentor for Illuminated Warrior

Alexis Edwards is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Multidimensional Healer, Psychic, and founder of The Expansion principle. She's taken the knowledge she's gained since starting her spiritual journey 15 years ago and transformed it into programs that support spiritual workers and healers. Growing up in a spiritual household a tangible relationship with the unseen was a given. Immersed in the world of ritual, reverence and spirit created a deep sense of faith and trust in both herself, the world of the unseen and what she is here to do on this planet, in service of humanity. Dr. Alexis's goal is for her students to expand their being by becoming who they are and releasing + healing their past trauma. Through her innumerable lifetimes in relationship with an inter dimensional being named Simon , she brings the Expansion Principle energies to help rewrite the potential future of humanity.

Dr. Alexis Edwards

Love Notes From Clients

“When my class began, I was in the midst of some heavy personal matters. It was one of those situations where I was looking around desperately for something to cling to, yet it never crossed my mind that EP would have the impact on my life that it has. I wasn’t a healer. I didn’t know anything about energy work. I questioned it a million times - was I even doing it right? The Expansion energy was so fluid and gentle that I’d nearly convinced myself that I wasn’t really working with it at all. Then things began to shift in every aspect of my life. The changes I experienced felt so natural that I didn’t notice until one day, I looked at my life and was in awe of how I’d gotten to this place of peace and certainty and expansiveness.”

Expansion Principle Practitioner

Jenny Dumont

“The shifts that took place after being attuned to The Expansion Principle are, honestly, still unfolding even months later! I think one of the coolest parts of being attuned has been watching the healing it’s done in my life. Each attunement seemed to come with its own experience of release in my own life. I could feel myself evolving and the new boundaries and experiences flowing in more naturally. I expected to be able to use this practice for my business but have been most pleasantly surprised to watch it help shift and align myself with my higher purpose so naturally”

Expansion Principle Practitioner

Jessi Dunnigan

We start May 11!

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  • What is the Expansion Principle?

    The Expansion Principle also known as EP, is an energy healing modality/technology channeled by Dr. Alexis Edwards. She began channeling EP in 2015 through/ with an inter dimensional being called Simon. Dr. Alexis utilized the energy in her private practice in hundreds of sessions before she received the guidance that it was to be shared in a larger way with the world and become a modality. EP heals at the seed of an issue, the very beginning of a resonance.

  • Can I join for just 1 module?

    At this time we feel the Illuminated Warrior is a cohesive self mastery program. As such we believe strongly in the importance of all the pillars together.

  • This seems like a lot of content, how much time will I need to invest?

    Great Question. Each month is somewhat self paced. The biggest commitment is to attending the live mentoring calls each month. We estimate a total of 2 - 4 hours each month depending on how deep you choose to dive into the material and exercises.

  • I don't know if I'm ready, can't I just enroll next time?

    Yes, you could. Illuminated Warrior will have a quarterly enrollment period. That being said, there is never a perfect time for anything. Do you want to wait on being fully supported on this journey called life? One of the biggest reasons to enroll now is that you will receive the Illumination Process right away. When joining during a different enrollment period you will have to wait until the Illuminate Pillar begins again next spring.

  • Why does the Illumination Process matter so much?

    The Illumination Process is our proprietary version of DNA activation. It's the process by which you become activated to the Expansion Principle energies. It enables your body and system to have full access to personal healing at all times. Your 5 bodies (Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Energetic) have a custom holographic blueprint to support your growth throughout the lifelong awakening process. Having the support allows there to be more ease in the process. The Illuminated Warrior program materials are in large part in support of the Illumination Process.

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