Welcome to The Expansion Academy!

Experience healing. Promote peace.

The Expansion Academy is here to support you in your journey of becoming the highest, most aligned version of yourself and bringing that alignment and healing to your life and business. 

We offer several programs for practitioners that promote healing through Dr. Alexis Edward's unique blending of the acquisition of knowledge and skillset with channeled energy frequencies.. 

The programs here are based on Dr. Alexis's signature program, The Expansion Principle. This program is a unique energy technology that focuses on finding the origination of an issue, using a priority-based approach.

Hear From Expansion Principle Practitioners

What do former students have to say?

“The shifts that took place after being attuned to The Expansion Principle are, honestly, still unfolding even months later! I think one of the coolest parts of being attuned has been watching the healing it’s done in my life. Each attunement seemed to come with its own experience of release in my own life. I could feel myself evolving and the new boundaries and experiences flowing in more naturally. I expected to be able to use this practice for my business but have been most pleasantly surprised to watch it help shift and align myself with my higher purpose so naturally.”

Expansion Principle Practitioner

Jessi Dunnagan

“When my class began, I was in the midst of some heavy personal matters. It was one of those situations where I was looking around desperately for something to cling to, yet it never crossed my mind that EP would have the impact on my life that it has. I wasn’t a healer. I didn’t know anything about energy work. I questioned it a million times - was I even doing it right? The Expansion energy was so fluid and gentle that I’d nearly convinced myself that I wasn’t really working with it at all. Then things began to shift in every aspect of my life. The changes I experienced felt so natural that I didn’t notice until one day, I looked at my life and was in awe of how I’d gotten to this place of peace and certainty and expansiveness. ”

Expansion Principle Practitioner

Jenny Dumont

Meet Dr. Alexis Edwards

Founder + Teacher at The Expansion Academy

Alexis Edwards is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Multidimensional Healer, Psychic, and founder of The Expansion principle. She's taken the knowledge she's gained since starting her spiritual journey 15 years ago and transformed it into programs that support spiritual workers and healers. Growing up in a spiritual household a tangible relationship with the unseen was a given. Immersed in the world of ritual, reverence and spirit created a deep sense of faith and trust in both herself, the world of the unseen and what she is here to do on this planet, in service of humanity. Dr. Alexis's goal is for her students to expand their being by becoming who they are and releasing + healing their past trauma. Through her innumerable lifetimes in relationship with an inter dimensional being named Simon , she brings the Expansion Principle energies to help rewrite the potential future of humanity.

Dr. Alexis Edwards